White Fox and Friends Host asks Black News Anchor if She ‘Makes Kool-Aid”

Fox Report anchor Harris Faulkner appeared on a Thanksgiving segment of Fox and Friends to show viewers how to make her special peach cobbler, when co-host Brian Kilmeade asked her a dumb question. “Do you make Kool-Aid?” Kilmeade asked. Faulkner looked at him and said, “Uh, no, I don’t make Kool-Aid, but I made an… »Today 5:57pm11/27/15 5:57pm


The American Face of Terrorism

Developing: In Colorado Springs, Colorado today, a shooter stormed and barricaded a Planned Parenthood. The count on victims is currently unknown as he is holding the staff and patients hostage as we speak. »Today 3:55pm11/27/15 3:55pm

Pakistan's first all-girl boxing club

They are part of the first-ever official training program in Pakistan to teach women how to box. The First Women Boxing Coaching Camp has been organized by the Sindh Boxing Association (SBA) in Lyari, Karachi, a neighborhood known for two things: gang violence and sports stars, particularly footballers and boxers,…

»Yesterday 1:44pm11/26/15 1:44pm

Washington state is fucking racist

Everyone said that WA is a liberal paradise and they’re all wrong. People in WA are just as racist as the east coast. It’s just not as obvious and it eats away at your soul. At this point, I honestly think a comet wiping us all out will be a blessing. The worst offenders are the fucking baby boomers. Ironically… »Yesterday 1:38am11/26/15 1:38am

I was just chilling, doing a little hunting, when I saw them roll up. I don’t like to pass judgement, but these guys looked weird. They were like a bad semi-Goth band with hipster tendencies for wool and poorly fitting jackets. Ugh, those hats were atrocious too. And they were rolling deep. Women, animals, you name… »Wednesday 6:04pm11/25/15 6:04pm

More Shootings in Minneapolis

I am just going to leave this here with the following: I don’t care if there were no injuries. I don’t care if there were no deaths. That is irrelevant. This is an attack on these protestors’ rights to voice their concerns in a public forum and an attack on black people. Period. That’s enough for me. »Wednesday 2:26pm11/25/15 2:26pm