white bikers flaunting privilege, pt. II

Hot on the heels of their now-infamous post-riot texting and chillout session with the cops in Waco, Texas, comes this news: spurred into action by sociopathic socialite Pam Geller, over 100 bikers are planning to show up at the mosque in Arizona where the 2 jackasses who tried to shoot up Pam G’s bigot art show a few… » 5/28/15 2:34pm Yesterday 2:34pm

What's in Your Wallet? A Guide to U.S. Mint Marks

The United States Mint has been in operation since 1792. In the years since its founding, the Mint has produced coins for the United States (as well as occasional times minting coins for other countries). At first, the Mint operated out of its Philadelphia facility. It has since expanded over the years, establishing… » 5/27/15 1:54pm Wednesday 1:54pm

Reports: Justice Department Brings The Goddamn Hammer Down On FIFA

According to reports in both the Wall Street Journal ($) and New York Times, a number of FIFA officials were just arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, and according to the Times are expected to be extradited to the United States where they will face charges of “wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering.” The Times » 5/27/15 4:25am Wednesday 4:25am

Nigeria Fashion Week: Pretty Prints and Patterns for All Occasions

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria began Saturday in Lagos, and already there are a clutch of runway clothes for which I’d gladly hawk my whole wardrobe. Lovely prints were key, as some designers played with new ways of incorporating ankara and jacquard, all in super-modern silhouettes and bright color saturation that looked… » 5/26/15 6:27pm Tuesday 6:27pm

I mostly just lurk, but occasionally talk about my work with pregnant teens in South Africa (http://youngmomsupport.co.za)
South Africa has many issues: but we DO have good laws that are not constantly changed and challenged. One is the ability for any pregnant person from the age of 12 to access abortion without… » 5/26/15 4:10pm Tuesday 4:10pm