Let Us Celebrate Clair Huxtable, Feminist Icon, and The Cosby Show

As black women try to shake off tired tropes like the angry black woman, which the New York Times raised from its shallow grave yesterday, let's focus on The Cosby Show's career-driven matriarch that kicked ass at home and at work, Clair Huxtable. The show and the icon that actress Phylicia Rashad brought to life has… » 9/19/14 6:16pm Today 6:16pm

The New York Times, Shonda Rhimes & How to Get Away With Being Racist

I would like to believe that not being racist isn't extraordinarily difficult. I would like to think that by simply acknowledging the humanity of other people and their right to exist in this world and being open and aware to learning about certain issues, you can avoid many uncomfortable moments. If nothing else, you… » 9/19/14 2:57pm Today 2:57pm

Sequin King Ashish Cast All Black Models in His Latest Runway Show

Ashish Gupta is a Delhi-born British designer whose inventive fusion of sequins and not-so-obvious pop culture references have attracted the devoted lust of every London club kid worth their salt. In a time when American designers seem to be in a contest d'thirst for the attention and cache of THE YOUTH (cough; cough » 9/18/14 8:08pm Yesterday 8:08pm

Shaun King is Laying the Smack Down on the Mike Brown Injustice

In an age when our attention spans are compromised by the rapid flow of information, we cannot forget the thread of institutional racism that has weaved the injustices against black people together over the last several months. » 9/18/14 4:34pm Yesterday 4:34pm

Darren Wilson Testified Before a St. Louis County Grand Jury Today

The St. Louis-Post Dispatch is reporting that Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old Mike Brown in early August, appeared before a St. Louis County grand jury today to testify about the shooting. An unnamed source "with knowledge of the investigation" tells the newspaper that Wilson… » 9/17/14 6:55pm Wednesday 6:55pm

The Problem With Baby Hairs, 'Urban' and the Fashion Industry

We need to discuss some recent, ill-advised uses of the word "urban." I am not a fan of using that word to describe anything other than a city because the vast majority of the time, "urban" is just white people speak for "black." Some dictionaries will list a variation on "popular black culture" under the definition… » 9/17/14 5:13pm Wednesday 5:13pm

Feminist Icon Miley Cyrus Wears Fake Butt, Twerks Onstage in Puerto Rico

I long for the day this girl is no longer relevant in mainstream media. I know I'm not exactly helping, but I just couldn't get past this shit. Please, Miley defenders. Explain to me how this is feminist friendly? Explain to me why it's okay for a skinny white girl to mimic a black girl with a big ass by wearing a… » 9/14/14 8:22am Sunday 8:22am