Oh hooray. The first Stonewall movie is about a fictional white gay male. This erases the BLACK trans woman who actually was the first to throw something (Marsha P. Johnson, if you’re wondering). It erases all the dykes who were being raped and arrested and who fought on the front lines of basically every important… » 8/04/15 5:55pm Yesterday 5:55pm

BBC podcast: Agony Aunts: Criselda Kananda and Xinran Xue

Agony aunt Criselda Kananda found out she was HIV positive 16 years ago and was given two years to live. Determined to change her fate, the South African discovered that most of the information available about the illness was full of stereotypes and judgements. So she made it her mission to help others and became a…

» 8/04/15 11:25am Yesterday 11:25am

Trolling "Heritage Not Hate"

Normally, I’m not a fan of trolling sites of ideological difference. I’d rather “stick to my own kind” rather than try to make the lives of the misguided more difficult, and it seems like an exercise in bad karma for others to do it— if we troll them, doesn’t that give them carte blanche to troll us back? That being… » 8/03/15 10:47pm Monday 10:47pm

Allure Stupidly Defends Their Stupid Afro Tutorial For White Women

Allure magazine has rightfully been dragged through the mud over the past few days for a hair tutorial in their August issue called, “You (Yes, You) Can Have An Afro,” which instructs white women on how to achieve an “Afro.” Unfortunately for Allure, the tutorial doesn’t begin and end with, “be black.” » 8/03/15 6:37pm Monday 6:37pm

Part of the reason why women are able to escape is because they often make goods that are sold in NKs “secret” black markets. This generates extra revenue that they are able to put towards escape efforts. NK women’s efforts towards creating and sustaining these secret markets is truly amazing. I believe around 70% of… » 8/03/15 2:26pm Monday 2:26pm

How do you rationalize being a feminist while listening to rap?

Today I was shown a paper done by two researchers about the misogyny in rap music. It was published in 2009. A lot of the stuff that’s talked about in the paper is stuff that we already know but it’s a good read nonetheless. What’s good is that it also mentions other genres that contain misogynistic messages and… » 8/02/15 11:22pm Sunday 11:22pm