He calls himself a killer who has the "killer instinct." He says the Constitution is a Christian document. He claims there is no reason for hate crime laws or affirmative action, then goes on to call some on the Supreme Court sodomites and says that the military will eventually be made up solely of sodomites and women. He points out that the Constitution does not authorize the President to be Commander in Chief of the Marines and Air Force (the fact that the Air Force didn't exist at the writing of the Constitution seems not to be the reason). He says changing the term from "Caucasian Male" to "White Male" is psychological warfare. He hates everyone, but he does so equally, so it's okay. There's a new Constitution that will be implemented under martial law— they're just waiting for the right event to implement it. Obama is an illegal alien, obviously.

This speech Dan Page gives at an Oath Keepers meeting contains So. Much. Crazy. I only got through the first 10 minutes or so of crazy, but some enterprising person at Crooks and Liars listened to the whole thing and gave the run down:

1:07: Talks about all men being created equal then went on to say "That does not mean affirmative action".

1:26: Rants about hate crime laws

3:22: Black (little?) Perverts

5:25: Talks about doing a fair share of killing

15:40: Calls supreme court justice a homosexual sodomite.

18:30 "If I die I go to heaven... I died a long time ago"

20:30: Talks about St. Louis County schools

26:40: Calls President Obama an illegal alien

27:00: We can kill you anyway we want

31:38: Goes on anti-muslim rant

37:00: Talks about being a Saint Louis County Cop

43:00: Talk about killing people again

46:41: Goes on rant over being briefed about the 9/11 attacks on Aug 1st 1999 then says 9/11 happened 30 days later also talks about no weapons of mass destruction being found in Afghanistan.

49:22: Continues rant about having secret clearance at Fort (Leavenworth?) and training with Russian spetsnaz

52:40: Says people involved in domestic violence should "just shoot each other and get it over with".

53:15: Somebody like me is going to come in and kill you

56:20: I don't trust nobody and I hate everybody. I hate y'all too I hate everybody. I'm into diversity. I kill everybody.

58:02: Audience member: So what happens when good men like you are retiring from the military. What kind of military do we have left then?

58:15: Sodomites and females. End of statement.

1:01:00: Rants about female green beret

1:03:00 He's handed an oathkeeper patch

These are our police officers, folks!

UPDATE: Just had to share this excellent tweet: