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Ph.D. candidate, Retired BPD & Veteran USMC. Police Leadership Association Founder, Author, & Proponent of a new era of policing.

Please read the madness below. I add notes where appropriate. Please check back for updates as this blows up.

In high crime areas in Baltimore, police have installed cameras to help catch perpetrators. Some of them are manned live, so Woods seems to be saying that the cameras turn away from the action as police close in on a suspect.

Overtime pay is a big issue in Baltimore. A report came out a few years ago showing a large number of line-level police officers were able to pull down 6- and high-5-figure salaries with overtime. They see the ability to get A LOT of overtime hours as their right. And why not? The vast majority of their day is spent driving around. When you see them out on the street, if they aren’t on a case, they are standing around talking to each other. When they are on a case, six of them show up, no matter how minor the complaint or dangerous the neighborhood. They recently negotiated a new contract, so I don’t know how the overtime issue plays out nowadays.

Now he’s starting to get blowback from not reporting sooner. Fair questions, but we can question him to death until he shuts up, I guess, if that’s what we want to do.

Some people get it.

Interesting. I wonder what their internal policies for reporting and speaking about bad behaviors are.

So wow, this information isn’t even out of date.

On a side but related note, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Baltimore Police Department was largely responsible for causing the riots.

The VICE article linked above is primarily about the way the feds were involved in the mobilization of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and what their concerns were. This is the relevant information about claims of gangs trying to “take out” law enforcement:

One alleged threat derived from the media office of the Baltimore Police Department, which claimed that “members of various gangs including the Black Guerrilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to ‘take out’ law enforcement officers.” Baltimore police issued a press release on April 27, and the story was widely reported in the media.

But an email sent that day by a DHS employee who works at the Maryland Fusion Center to DHS intelligence officer Earl Rose IV called into question the integrity of the Baltimore Police Department’s [BPD] threat information. The fusion center employee said it was “curious that the alert came out from BPD media relations section instead of BPD Intelligence Unit, which is where we typically receive this kind of info…. The tensions have heightened here in Baltimore over the last 72 hours so this alert cannot be considered without that context.”

Hours later, in the same email chain, another DHS employee said, “FBI Baltimore has interviewed the source of this information and has determined this threat to be non-credible,” apparently marking this the first time that it was debunked since the threat first surfaced.