Look, we know you mean well. The shit happening in Ferguson is some ol' bullshit. You see that your friends are pissed and you want to help. Hell you might even be pissed yourself. You should be. I just want to go down a list of things not to do during this time.

  1. Don't quote MLK. I know it seems cool to pick a random sentence that seems like it would fit. Don't do it though.
  2. Don't ask if this is 2014. Why? Because this has always happened to us. This is not new to black people. Cops have been gunning us down for decades. Social media has given you a glimpse of what we see on a regular.
  3. Don't act like we're paranoid. Maybe Twitter and Facebook won't shut down. Maybe they won't censor certain words. That doesn't mean it won't happen. Look at the journalists that are getting arrested for...being journalists? They have no problem censoring so there is a reasonable expectation that they would do it again.
  4. Don't tell us to calm down. To put it bluntly, fuck your peace talk! We get killed anyway.

That's all I got for now. Stay safe out there people.