Talk to me about it! I have opinions and many curse words.

Seasons 3 and 4 were my favorite. Season 2 and 1 were very good. Season 5 can go fuck itself.

Omar’s death was cheap. You can say “the game is the game,” but his death was cheap. Kennard was a little shit with a big mouth. It chaps my ass that he will get the rep for killing Omar, when he’s a little big mouthed bitch. He ate his teeth against Michael (sigh) and even Dukie (deeper sigh), and this is the little bitch who kills Omar? Shiiiiiiiiiiit.


Fucking Templeton. Fuck that lying motherfucker. That Alma got sent to Carroll (a good local paper, nonetheless) over his bullshit fucking pisses me off. Alma, who works her stories the right way, gets tossed aside for a mediocre white man. Go fucking figure.

Bubbles redemption arc makes me want to believe, man. I’ve known too many people who died from that shit—in Baltimore or in my podunk county. If the series continued, I hope he stayed on the wagon.

Stringer Bell! That dude. Fucking Icarus, right? Flew too high to the sun and got burned (so to speak). I cannot respect the parallels between him and Marlo. Fuck Marlo. I’m not sure I can articulate more than that on his character.


Lester disappointed me. Jimmy always disappointed, but Lester? He should’ve been smarter.

At least the accents got better?

Bonus My theme song ranking: 1, 3, 4, 2, 5.