Hey, In case there wasn’t enough of these. I thought it might be cool to have a discussion about the movie. Spoilers, obviously. This is just a general thought about the movie. What you liked what you didn’t like. Reactions. All of the above and in between.

I’m just going to bullet point my stuff and join you guys in the comments section.

- It was great! I liked all the little details, in regards to the hypnosis.

- I loved Rod as the audiences POV.

- I knew Rose was a traitor from the jump, but apparently other people didn’t? How?


- I didn’t appreciate the dig at black women, ( when he thought the maid didn’t approve of their relationship)

- IRL a black woman, probably rod’s homegirl, would have saved them.

- the Asian guy at the auction, notably his presence there as one of the buyers and what that means w/r/t the larger message of the film. I hope in the coming years we can get more asian american film voices to get a clearer picture of our relationship with one another. (black americans and asian americans)


-Every white person I have ever interacted with, has said something to me like what every single one of those white people said in the movie

- The writing and the acting was pitch perfect

-the choice to have rose also be the one that hooked a black woman, was a great one. And fascinating. As much as we talk about ashy larries, there is def a conversation to be had about keisha’s husband chad.

-While I enjoyed the film and what it had to say, ultimately it exhausted me. This movie really wasn’t for me or black people imo. It was for white people and white people with partners of color.

-The biggest thing I came away with was an epiphany. I don’t care about white people right now. I don’t care about their hopes, dreams, or ambitions. I don’t care about my relationship as a black woman with them, I am already living it intimately. What I am more interested in is the relationships POC have with each other. How we relate to each other. The differences and the similarities. How are Jamaicans, Cubans, African Americans, Bajans, Nigerians, Black British, Vietnamese Americans, Chinese Americans, Ethiopians, Native Americans, Indian Americans, Dominicans interacting with each other. What are those relationships? What do they look like. What are our struggles?