We were going to write a post stating the ways you can help the citizens of Ferguson, however, the writer of the Spaceship Dreaming blog has done a ton of research around helping the justice for Mike Brown movement already. On Spaceship Dreaming are listings for various charities, food pantries, sign petitions, and different forums to donate money.

Please, please, PLEASE, check out the site for more ways to help: Spaceship Dreaming

There are also campaigns you can help out:


Activate your love & your rage and support the efforts in Ferguson in a tangible way. Poet & educator Britteney Conner, playwright Kristiana Colón, and activist & journalist Ferrari Sheppard are organizing efforts to supply people on the ground in Ferguson with gas masks and water bottles over the coming days. The gas masks will be for children, elderly, protesters, and whoever is in need. We will be taking two separate trips. Please message privately if you're interested in specific departure times. We intend to purchase at least 100 gas masks and water bottles and coordinate with protesters and organizers in Ferguson for peaceful and supportive distribution to those who need it most. Stand united with those whose voices are being silenced & contribute to intentional and loving resistance.


Operation Help or Hush/@ophelporhush/#operationhelporhush

#OperationHelporHush is a new spin on old-school organizing. #OperationHelporHush grew organically on Twitter in the midst of the events occurring in Ferguson, MO following the death of Mike Brown. Twitter activists are responsible for the incredible coverage and attention in Ferguson and have shown the power and potential of social media to impact social change.

Twitter activists were the first to bear witness to the events in Ferguson, MO and have replaced traditional media as the source of record for on-the-ground events.

Social media can be noisy. And it is easy to hide, and be hidden, in the noise. #OperationHelporHush started as critics doubted the impact that Twitter activists could have to influence change and our response was, "So help…or just hush" — either contribute to the movement or be quiet.

We are taking social media to the streets. We are a community on Twitter and we are a community in the streets. We can move the conversation and we can move work in the name of social good.

What kind of America do we want to live in? This is us reclaiming our America. We are using social media for social good. Join us. #OperationHelporHush.

For any inquires to Operation Help or Hush, you can email them at OpHelpOrHush@gmail.com

You can also call the Ferguson Police to demand answers as to why they haven't arrested the Officer Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown: (314) 522-3100


Governor Nixon has said he will not demand DA Bob McCullough recuse himself from Mike Brown's case. You can call him at (573) 751-3222 to get him to change his mind.

Important twitter feeds from those on the front lines:

@elonjames (and his twib broadcast)




@SheSeauxSaditty (If you would like to send a donation via Paypal you can send it to this email address: SadittyCooks@gmail.com)



You can also support a gofundme page that is raising funds for buses to take those in DC to Ferguson for a march being held August 23rd.

Please check out donateferguson.com for all the ways you can help.

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