I came across yet another article written by a white person who knows little to nothing about hip-hop that praises Iggy Azalea.

All the reasons he gave were bs in my opinion, especially his first reason which claims that she's "winning the rap game". Someone who has barely been in the game is not "winning". These days, anyone with mediocre talent can make top 10 hits. All you need is catchy songs, be an attention junkie, and of course it helps to have white skin.


Notice in this article that after defending Iggy, the author makes it clear that he's not fond of her first studio album The New Classic, and that was a reminder to me that sometimes white people will defend each other even if one white person dislikes the other. Why? To maintain white supremacy.

Case in point: The reaction to Justin Bieber's racist videos. There were a lot of white people who came to his defense because he was ~young and "didn't know any better", and a lot of these people were not fans of Justin Bieber in the first place. And then there's the Anthony Cumia controvery where he went on a racist/misogynistic rant on Twitter after allegedly being assaulted by a black woman after taking pictures of her. White people, again, who weren't fans of his came to his defense and their arguments were typically that it was his first amendment right to say anything offensive to his alleged attacker, saying racist/misogynistic things is not politically correct and we must maintain an anti-PC culture, and of course there were people who agreed with everything he said, including his statement about black people not being people.

But going back to Iggy Azalea, I'm a little worried that she might be relevant in the business for a couple more years. I'm hoping that she's a one hit wonder, but again, the industry rewards mediocrity. I'm sure plenty of people didn't think Katy Perry would have longevity in the business when she first came out with her single I Kissed A Girl, but look at her now.