It's been over a bit over a month since we have started The Salad Bowl which is for People of Color by People of Color. If you haven't yet, please make sure to read over the community guidelines. If you are a PoC who would like posting privileges, check out this post. (Please make sure to have comments enabled on your page.)

BayAreachick is owner as well as a moderator. Myself and Nappyheadflo are moderators as well. Someone is available around the clock if you need a mod to take care of anything. Just send us an email, drop a comment on a old post, or DM us. As said before, you can post anything on The Bowl. This is simply a watercooler place for PoCs to gather on kinja.

Now on to the fun stuff:

Hey there. If we haven't met before I'm Afro. I'm a Womanist. I am a nerd and in love with Marcelo Vieira and JJ Watt, which most of y'all know this info. I graduated from No Fucks to Give University with a BS and a MS. I have a varied of interests that go from clothes to hair to football.


I am really looking forward to more people sharing their views and other things to The Bowl.

Now, introduce yourself in the comments.