This weekend, some friends and I decided to have a little getaway and for reasons I can't remember, we go to one of the whitest towns on the East coast.

We are at an outdoor event where we got right up front because we were super early. One of the event volunteers is pretty chatty, so we are talking to him and one of my friends lets the kids of this cute family stand in front of us. We're all just gabbing and the blonde-tanned mother asks the volunteer some questions about things to do in town later that evening. Her husband —standing behind me—says, "Don't mind her, you know how blondes are." Then he starts loudly telling dumb blond jokes (who knew there was even such a thing?) The local person tries to ignore him; I glare at him, but he won't stop, so I step away from my prime spot and my friends just look down at the ground. Yeah, dude you got to marry a cute blonde who is Waaaaaayyyy hotter than you and this is how you act? He and the wife leave. I go back and his son (maybe 9) says "I HATE when Dad tells those jokes." THANK GOD. I wanted to hug him, but didn't want to get arrested or some shit. Maybe he won't grow up to be an asshole like his dad.

The next day, in TWO DIFFERENT places, a server looks right over me and asked to help the person in line behind me. The first time, I guess I forgot my invisibility cloak was on and had to say, "oh excuse me, I want X." The second time, the server said, "You aren't with them?" and indicates the two teen age Latinas in front of me in line.


Why the fuck do I have to beg you to take my money in exchange for foods I shouldn't eat?

Fuck vacation.