I cannot believe my ears! Or, maybe I can. Airing live on MSNBC right now, it has been revealed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell that the Ferguson Police Department did not generate an incident report after the Michael Brown shooting, and submitted a document to the ACLU only two days ago on August 19th, 2014. If you are questioning their source, it appears that they were briefed by the prosecutor's office and it was also noted that the prosecutor has not spoken with Darren Wilson yet.

This raises extremely serious questions about the validity of Officer Wilson's version of events as well as the credibility of the Ferguson Police Department. Many people have questioned why the Ferguson Police Department has refused to release an incident report for all this time despite public outcry, and people have speculated that it may be due to them tailoring their response based on whatever information would come out. That may in fact be what they are doing, and there is no excuse for them not completing an incident report immediately after Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown.

Stay tuned for more details!

EDIT: A new witness was just on the show, and he explained that he saw Michael Brown doubled over and holding his stomach as if he was hit about 20-25ft away from the officer, and the officer continued to shoot him until he fell all the way to the ground and died. This will explain the shot to the top of his head. He also noted that he was not charging, and was not going towards the officer in a threatening manner. Finally, this witness mentioned as every other witness has, that Officer Wilson was shooting at Michael Brown right as he exited the vehicle as Brown was fleeing.

If you are still defending Wilson at this point, you are grasping at straws.