Happy new year and shit. I got other pressing matters.

Know how black folks (don’t get all pedantic with me) have to have black eyed peas, chitlins, and collards on NYE/NYDay? Well. My foolish ass got these hogmaws (pig’s stomach) on sale a while back and thought it would be a good holiday project for me and my dad. I don’t do chitlins. I could maybe do stomach.

I cannot do stomach.

I feel like I smell like damn pig. This man better eat these hogmaws because I do not smell like Babe for nothing.


I hope y’all are having wonderful foods and don’t smell swine-y (swinuous? pig-esque?) like me.

Eta: Yes, I’m drinking. That is obvious

Update: Dad approved of the hogmaws. He said they reminded him of his mom’s, which is the highest compliment I could ever receive. She died when I was 3. Have a great day, everyone.