Hey, wanna see some interesting stuff I found online this week? Links and videos and whatnot? Ever wonder what Intheweeds sees online? Where she goes? What she reads? Now you can find out! Here are some fun, funny and interesting things I saw this week on the interwebs.

Thing One:

That jab Donald Trump took on Rosie O’Donnell at the GOP debate wasn’t just sexist, it was some serious homophobia too. Queer women didn’t overlook that. Be sure and check out the article linked within as well. Some great writing about how society polices female masculinity.

I would like to highlight this particular line as it’s very existence speaks volumes about the state of queer women’s community discourse these days:

“I’m focusing in this piece on a particular type of gender discrimination leveled at gay women who embody “masculine” traits not because they won the Oppression Olympics, but because that’s the topic of this post.”

Forgive me for being incredibly sad that that statement had to exist. It did have to exist, though. That is all I have to say about that.

Thing Two:

A little old, but new to me: The Atlantic published an article called ‘It Pays To Be A Jerk’. I liked it and it interests me since I am somewhat of a domineering jerk sometimes. It did make me ask more questions though, such as “But does this work as well for women? What about masculine women?”. Not the same way, it doesn’t, imo. The Root asks if being a Jerk pays for Black people, either. Spoiler alert: It does not.

Thing Three:


It’s funny ‘cause it’s true. The better question is Home Depot or Ikea, though. No one would be able to answer. That’s a tough question. People go on dates to Ikea. No joke.

Thing Four:

Jamaica held it’s first Pride parade this year! Big up!

Thing Five:

I read this great article about being the only one in the room. It really resonated with me as I read it later on the same day that I had one of those (unfortunately common) fried chicken days at work. What is a fried chicken day, you might ask? Well, it’s a day when a party of predominantly Black people come into the restaurant and the kitchen finds out about it and either sincerely or ‘ironically’ asks someone (usually me because I am a hot line cook) to count the fried chicken. It’s extremely difficult to navigate that kind of situation as the only one in the room. Anyway, what does diversity really mean? That article lead me to this other one about SNL’s issues with diversity which I really liked too.

Thing Six:

Micheal Sam is giving up football after joining a CFL team earlier this year. He cites his concern over his mental health. Read into that what you will. :(

He tweeted:

“The last 12 months have been very difficult for me, to the point where I became concerned with my mental health...”

“Sam’s career in professional football has been beset by troubles” claims Huffpost, in a tremendous display of evading the obvious. One would be right to wonder what exactly were the nature of these ‘troubles’ that beset Micheal Sam’s career? Well, if you were wondering if it was homophobia, Huffpost assures you at the end that supporters claim it certainly wasn’t that so stop asking. Beats me why he’s still the “First Openly Gay NFL player Micheal Sam” if his gayness is such a non-factor and not “ex NFL player Micheal Sam who really wasn’t any good and deserved to be cut anyway so why are we writing about him?” then. Idk, I’m saddened by this and this article rubs me the wrong way. To be fair though, I have yet to read a mainstream article about him that didn’t downplay the obvious difficulties he’s had being gay.

Thing Seven:

Seven things is enough, right? Here’s a fun one. Kardinal Offishall has tested and rated a bunch of Canadian iterations of Kraft Dinner. It’s apparently officially branded KD here in Canada now, but seriously? Fuck off with that dumb shit. It’s Kraft fucking Dinner and everyone knows it. I’m not saying KD. No one says KD. Stop trying to make KD happen.


It seems Kardinal Offishall has a high tolerance for garbage food. The man has no palate. I cannot believe this. I refuse to believe Kraft Dinner and fucking Timbits go together. What are Timbits, you Americans might ask? These are Timbits:

Also also also: at the end they put patties in there. Because patties are practically a Toronto food too. Cultural exchange, yo! Anyway, that Kraft Dinner/patty fusion shit is sacrilegious and I’m not having it. But YES to the patties at Bathurst Station. They aren’t Allen’s but they’re still the best downtown, imo.