It’s good!

I was all of 12/13 when this show started its run, so that explains why I’m behind the times. Also, this week is shit.

I’ve only finished the first season and started the second. I’ve been distracted by the accents, Sonja Sohn, and Idris Elba. Why does everyone in Baltimore sound like a New Yorker? It’s all in the “o” sounds. It’s obvious to tell who’s a local.


I’ve been on a binge watching kick. It all started with Luke Cage in November. Since then I’ve watched Black Mirror, season 3 of The Fall, River, Crazyhead, Chewing Gum, and probably other things I’ve since forgotten on Netflix. I recommend Chewing Gum!


  • Oh shit! They just showed a road sign from my hometown! (S2E1)
  • Lol at Bodie not knowing any Philly stations. Come on, dude! Power 99.
  • At some point I heard a bit of Mark Clark and the Big Phat Morning Show. I miss that show. 92Q plays Rickey Smiley now. Sigh. Those were the days.
  • All the Natty Boh makes me thirsty. I love Natty Boh so shut up.
  • Utz crab chips are good. I’m loyal to Herr’s, but Utz are good, too. Carver made a face when he ate the Utz crab chip. Like. Dude. They make crab cheese balls and popcorn and everything now. Amazing snack foods.
  • Pornstache is in everything.
  • Never cared for Ed Norris. Never. I’m not from Baltimore, never lived in Baltimore, have desire to even go to Baltimore, but being exposed to enough Baltimore media has colored my opinion on him.
  • This show came out in 2002 and I haven’t seen enough Ravens gear.
  • I’m not gonna talk about Wallace.

Please offer suggestions for other shows to watch for when I inevitably finish this and will definitely need something to occupy my mind.