Apologies for the earlier deleted post. Had some formatting issues. Here are some tweets from tonight I found particularly impactful. I also called Governor Nixon's office several times over the course of the night, and got through three times. The guy answering the phone said he was "not at liberty to discuss" any of the questions I asked*, so I got no answers except that the FBI is already there.

I'm not an American obviously, but I've been following this story since it happened, and all the other stories over the last few weeks of black men and women being harassed, detained, shot and killed unlawfully and it aches. It makes me think that I got off lucky being so depressed in college, because I spent all my time locked in my dorm and not roaming the streets of Boston. It makes me worry for my friends and my brothers. It makes me re-evaluate my mental image of the US as this great bastion of freedom and opportunity because I know those things will never be afforded to me. This story matters.

*Who authorized the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters? What does the Governor plan to do about the situation? Who gave police the authority to remove the press? Why isn't the name of the officer in question being released?


**Deleted second tweet, because I've been informed it was false/incorrectly credited.