Oh. My. God.

Have you seen this?

So, basically Lifetime has a new makeover show. But, instead of it just being four women who make over other women, the show intentionally plays up race utilizing racial stereotypes. Particularly, the "strong black woman" who "keeps it real" and is "sassy, not basic like a white woman." All black women can spit a dope rhyme and do an "African" dance on command after all. We've got that flavor!

I. Cannot. Even.

BuzzFeed has a great article on this ridiculousness. But, for now let me just say that I feel like 2014 is the year that we went back to 1932. We got lynchings (civilian and police sponsored) and now we have minstrel shows. If you ever wondered how you would live in a super charged racist environment like our parents and grandparents, just look around you. You're already in it.