FYI, the final night of the US Women's Gymnastics Championships is tonight. Current national and world champion, Simone Biles stands in first place with a 3.150 point lead (huge in gymnastics).

You may recall that Simone Biles won the world championship last year to the chagrin of the Italians who decried that one has " have our skin black so we can win too." Yes, two black champions winning so close together (Gabby Douglas winning the Olympics the year before) means gymnastics had gone the way of the NBA. But, don't worry. The Italians apologized by claiming they are only human and just pointing out that black people are inherently more athletic than whites.

In any case, my cable listing shows that tonight's national champ crowning will air on CoziTV at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). So, if you're interested set your DVR's!

Good luck to Simone (and Kyla)! I hope they can make it to Rio.