Adam Weinstein flagged the Veterans on Ferguson storify last night. I'm posing here for those who didn't see that or Brigid Aster's post, "I led foot patrols in downtown Baquba, w/less firepower than Ferguson PD" about it on GT. It's well worth a read. These are people who know the armament and tactics of war and telling us that Ferguson police are using more firepower against unarmed US citizens than the US used on the ground in Iraq.

We KNOW from years of American history how fucked up Ferguson is, but the specifics they give are very compelling about how Post 9/11 "anti-terrorist" initiatives are being turned against black and brown citizens whose only crimes are asking questions of the police or practicing their religion peacefully.


ETA: And by the way, this quote in The Guardian from the StLouis PD spokesman in response to their query if there was evidence that the police had been hit with molotov cocktails or bottles: "the fear of threat like that is still construed as an assault. Injury does not have to happen for an assault to happen."