When did you first realize that inequality existed in the world?

When I was 6 years old, my parents had tried to keep me sheltered from as much of the outside world's problems as possible, my skin color never bothered me, and I thought I was the perfect mix of my mom and my dad. (FYI, for reference, my dad is a deep mocha brown, while my mother is as pale as snow.) I was lighter than my dad, but darker than my mom.

But one day, me and my dad were out at a restaurant, and my mom was coming from an appointment. And of all things, the waiter kept on asking if I was ok, and "if I knew this man." Then, my mother arrived, and then the waiter had the gall, to ask if she was taking the gardener out for lunch. We walked out soon after.

At the time, I wondered if it would've been different if my mom was with me, and then something clicked, apparently to many people, dark skinned people look bad to them, and I couldn't understand why.


After that, it made me think about myself for a bit. I ended up questioning myself, thinking about why I was treated differently, when there were so many other kids that weren't treated the same way. And so sparked a lifelong questioning of my place in the world, and the values society places irresponsibly.

What about you?

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