Elijah Wolfson, of Al Jazeera America, published this morning an article on how patients often request caregivers based on race.

The article reference an instance where a Black neonatal intensive care unit nurse was removed from caring for an infant because the father requested so. To emphasize his point he showed her boss the swastika tattoo on his arm. The article continues that it is

"unclear how common these types of experiences are; there have been no major studies on the issue, so advocates and policymakers have had to rely on anecdotal evidence, the few isolated stories that leak out of the hospital wing and into the press."

Wolfson brings up the point that it is common for patients to request a change in doctors or nurses "discrimination of this kind" where a caregiver of color can simply be removed of their "is endemic to the health care system"


I recommend you read the rest at Al Jazeera America as it elaborates more on the subject.

I also open the discussion to you:

Does the race of your nurse or doctor matter to you?