Resistance Wednesday:  SCOTUS Alerts from Senator Lahey (D-Judiciary) and Rachel Maddow; Gerrymandering Alerts from AG Holder - You Know, The Usual #NotNormal

There would be a whole lot of dots I couldn’t connect as a citizen if I didn’t tune in to Joy Reid, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ari Melber, Chris Hayes, Tremayne Lee, Jonathan Capehart, the Root’s own Jason Johnson, and Rachel Maddow.

On DeSantis and His Crypto-Choice of “Articulate” as Dogwhistling Descriptor for His Gubernatorial Opponent:  Not Quite What I Wished To Compile, But I’ll Try To Apply My Polysyllabic Compositional Repository Elsewhere Later

At least I don’t have to find the proscriptives with which to address it myself, since Jonathan Capehart, Zerlina Maxwell, Symone Sanders, and Nina Turner have already done a much better job