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01/05 Craft Post

I went to work two days this week. I didn’t do any knitting during my lunch hour. Basically, I did no work on my scarf this week so I didn’t bother to photograph it.

I did nothing with the fabric I had preshrunk, I didn’t attempt the shopping bag that folds away (which I could use a few of) and I didn’t do a thing with any of the polymer clay.


I did do a fair amount of work on the cross stitch though. It would probably be more impressive if I didn’t have to take out a bunch of the darkest green because I stitched it in the wrong color then had to take it out to restitch it in the correct color.

Sometimes the crafting gods aren’t on your side.

I hope your crafting went better than mine did. 

So what’s on your craft table this week?

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