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10/13 Craft Post

I’m working Saturdays this month so my cross stitch progress this week isn’t going to be much. I usually do the cross stich on Saturdays. On the other hand, the mitten has a fair amount of progress because I was doing it at work on Saturday in between participants since people don’t show up for appointments. So yay for people blowing us off I guess?

No, I don’t have any finished items yet.

One thing I do when I can’t craft is watch crafting videos on YouTube. I will pretty much watch anything that I think I might want to make some time. I’ve watched wirewrapping videos (although I don’t really have any interest in doing it.) polymer clay tutorials, sewing videos, knitting videos, even paper mache (which I also don’t do.) I also will watch any show on crafting on PBS. (I wish the create channel came in more consistenly on my TV) I like watching people do thier thing and explain how and what they do so I can adapt what they do to things I like to do. However, there are some DIY videos that I can’t stand and it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine. If you’re going to put out a tutorial video, it needs to be an actual tutorial. A fast forward video with text where speaking should happen is not going to cut it. Those videos feel more like someone bragging about what they did than actually showing you how to do something.


So how’s the crafting going? Are you finding time to do your preferred craft or do you have to fill the time with some other activity for the time being?

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