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12/1 Craft Post

I finished some things!


Well, not totally finished, it’s not in its final form such that I can hang or use it but the stitching bit is done so it’s sorta finished.

Things learned:

1. While using masking tape on the edges of my cloth to avoid unraveling when cross stitching, the tape leaves a nasty residue. It’s a good thing I had planned to just cut off those sections but since I ended up having to zig zag the edges anyway, I may as well do that from jump and save myself the extra steps of cutting off the taped bits only to sew the damn thing up anyway. I won’t do that again.


2. I should have at least 3 skeins of every color on these charts (because they’re not really huge color wise) except for Black which needs as much as I am willing to spend money on and then some. I see why people buy it by the cone. (Given I used to buy this stuff at Michael’s that wasn’t going to happen; finding skeins is hard enough.)

3. It is time to stop trying to buy floss at Michael’s as they always seem to be short certain colors. It’s not that the colors are discontinued; they literally get their floss in at random. Apparently, checking the shelves for empty spots then ordering those skeins is too much like organization and they can’t have that. I am not going to travel an hour or more to get to the craft store only to not find the color in question. Ridiculous! I just ordered enough floss to get free shipping and it will give me supplies for the third chart of this series (and the 4th too) and I got every damn color I was looking for without having to leave the comfort of my home including the color that’s keeping me from starting the 2nd chart.


4. I may be a glutton for punishment because I can see me doing this chart again with a finer fabric (think 25-28 squares per inch) just to use it in a bag.

5. I am probably going to stop buying fabric from Joann’s. Even though I washed and dried the fabric it seems as though some of the color has rubbed off on my q-snap which is definitely not cool. It’s a risk to the Aida cloth I’m stitching on too. Only light colored Joann’s fabric for project bag linings and grime guards from now on.


As far as the hat’s concerned, it’s in need of a lining and some finish work. (You can see the threads haven’t been totally woven in and snipped.) That is not carry work and has to be done at home so It’s going to have to wait until around Christmas when I have more than a single day off to deal with shit.

[Probably irrelevant rant about job idiocy deleted]

I have been considering doing a blog called Adventures in Crafting (Been saying this for awhile, haven’t done it yet.) so I’m trying to be better about making note as to where I get stuff. So here’s the skinny on the items I’ve posted thus far.


The mittens:

The pattern for the mittens is called the Broad Street Mittens it can be found at Knitty.com. It used to be like a online magazine and I think that if you go to the home page you can find links to the current issue. You can also look through the pattern library and search by item. The mittens are listed as Extra Spicy which is their rating for highest difficulty. I can see why. Direct link to the pattern is here:


The hat:

The hat used to be called Hat No. 5 but had been updated in the years since I originally downloaded the pdf and is now called the Rhode Trip Hat. I originally grabbed this pattern because it had cables which I had been looking for and she didn’t have obnoxious copyright yammer which tried to lay claim to what you can do with the item that you made using the pattern. I find this obnoxious and I will avoid using any pattern where this provision is an issue. I will sell a hat I made with your pattern if I damn sure feel like it and you shan’t tell me otherwise. It’s a free pattern and can be found here:


The cross stitch is fan stuff. It can be found at The Leaky Cauldron online. Their copyright provisions doesn’t prevent you from making the items and recouping your costs but they wouldn’t have yo go to craft stores trying to sell the stuff. Fair. The cross stitch is the Gryffindor crest by Little Mojo it’s crest number 5 if you’re interested. Yes I downloaded all five crests. Yes I plan to stitch all of them.


Here’s the link for any HP crafty thing you may be interested in including resources:


The scarf

The scarf is actually my own doing. I suppose technically it’s a pattern but given that I just slapped some cables and braids from a book together I hesitate on calling it a pattern although what is pattern other than some stitches put together. I’m still tweaking the written pattern for errors and I’m having issues with my chart which I’m sure you’re not actually interested in so I’ll refrain from going on. I created this because the scarf pattern that I was originally interested in had two major flaws.


1. It wasn’t symmetrical. I don’t know if you can tell but the cables are mirrored. The cables on the outside on the right side twists outwards so the ones on the left side does so as well, this requires two different cables which the scarf pattern I was looking at didn’t do. Which I could have done myself I suppose but it had the other flaw:

2. It had an obnoxious copyright provision. I am not a thief. I don’t distribute shit that’s not mine. However, if I take time and put effort and money materials and decide I want to sell the product of my labor, I will not have you tell me I cannot because I used your pattern to do so. That’s bullshit. If you want to sell the item yourself make it and don’t make the pattern available but you don’t get to try to micromanage what happens to the fruits of the pattern because you consider it a derivative of your pattern when the item is a goddamn useful item.


Well, that was a lot of chat and a bit of a rant but I apparently had a lot to say this time around.

So, what’s on your crafting table? How’s the making going for you?

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