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12/15 Craft Post

Sometimes you just don’t get to squeeze in that much time. This is my month to work Saturdays but I have to work with the manager so I can’t squeeze in as much at work knitting as I ordinarily would. But the crafting still continues.

The pictures don’t really show much progress (at least I don’t feel like it does) but the scarf was worked on and I have started a new cross stitch project. I have not stitched a single thing onto the new cross stitch project.


I found that it’s easier to count when you have lines marked to guide the way so I mark every 10 squares. When I made the Gryffindor crest I did this with a water soluble marker. It actually worked well but I still wanted something that marked the lines but didn’t run the risk of not washing out so I went for fishing line this time.

The idea is that you put the fishing line in and stitch around it then pull it out when the project is done. Unfortunately, I decided to get my fishing line on the cheap and while I don’t think it makes a difference in catching fish, it does make a difference in visibility I think. I could have gotten red or green (and it’s possible that those wouldn’t have been any more visible than this pale blue I have) but those were twice the cost and I didn’t want to spend the extra. I think I’m going to buy the more expensive fishing line next time. This pale blue is meant to keep the fish from seeing it (I guess) but I can barely see it my damn self. Even in these pictures it’s barely (if at all) visible. In person it looks more like a shimmer on the Aida cloth. If I didn’t use a magnifying glass with a light attached I wonder how easily I would see it while stitching. Clearly I didn’t put enough thought into the fishing line. Lesson learned.

Why so much chat about the fishing line? Because I’m still in the process of putting it in and haven’t stitched a single bit of floss onto the project.

And because I don’t have enough stuff cluttering the apartment, I picked up some fabric for a new project bag. I had originally made one that would fit the q snap when it was in its 11 x 17 configuration but I sorta messed up that first bag and it’s a little tight. So I’m going to try again with some fabric I obtained at Save A Thon. But I can’t justify spending 2.70 on the wash and 95 cents on the dryer to preshrink it. Must gather more fabric!


So what’s on your craft table or maybe just in your head as a future craft project?

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