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12/22 Craft Post

I finished a thing!

I finally finished the mittens and will be wearing them. I finally got off my butt and did the thing after losing one of my other mittens in a dollar cab. If I hadn’t removed the mitten to fiddle with grocery bags I wouldn’t have lost the damn thing. So I finished the buttons and sewed them on at work yesterday. They’re a little big but it’s fine.


After marking my tens with the (too pale) fishing line I finally started another cross stitch. I won’t say what pattern I’m using, it’ll be a surprise.

The scarf goes on. I don’t feel like I got much done although I’m sure it’s at least 30 rows. It’s going to be a long scarf. I like to have a lot of fabric to work with and I’m not a short woman. It still will have to be lined which I’m not going to think about right now.

I had to clear off and move my crafting table so my landlord can “gift” me with a shitty electric stove (It’s not shitty as in quality, I guess it’s okay for what it is but I grew up cooking with gas and I’m not keen on the electric. Plus the lousy 20 bucks they’re reducing my rent doesn’t make up for the extra electricity costs the stove will bring in.) so I had to move some things around and most of my craft items are put away because I folded up the table. Which I should have done some time ago anyway. I really wish I could get a bigger place with a 2nd bedroom so I can turn it into a craft room.

Anyway, a new start, an actual finish and the scarf goes on. What’s on your craft table this week?

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