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12/29 Craft Post

So, this is the last craft post for 2019. I wish I had a cute story as to why I am late with it but the truth is I had to work Saturday and I spend Sunday doing a fair amount of stitching that I started after I made a somewhat pointed comment about Joe Biden at The Root and well my inbox blew up. 2020 looks like it’s going to be lovely /s

Maybe if I’m still doing this next year I’ll have a slideshow with all my finished projects or highlights of stuff I’m working on. But since I’ve been doing this for what less than 3 months I’ll refrain.


No finishes this week but progress is made.

I have been thinking about some other projects as I am always scheming on new stuff to make. Apparently, not doing a lot of social media has been stunting my consumerism muscle. I only found out about this by clicking on a recommended video on YouTube. Did you know that there’s a thing called a book sleeve and people pay close to 20 dollars (and more) for these things? They can literally be made with a minimum of fabric and some stabilizer (which admittedly I don’t currently have but can substitute fusible fleece if so inclined) I feel like I want a book sleeve but needless to say I will not be paying 20 bucks for such an item.

After seeing the blue color on my q-snap after finishing up the Gryffindor crest I’m paranoid about leaving my current cross stitch project in its project bag because the same fabric I used for the grime guards for the 11 x 11 q-snap is the same fabric used for the lining of the project bag I’m using. Apparently I absolutely must use hottest water from the tap when preshrinking any fabric I buy because washing it isn’t enough to get the dyes released enough not to rub off on the q-snap. (I preshrink using water in a bucket that I agitate then put in the dryer because I will not pay $2.70 to wash a couple of yards of fabric. That’s crazy!) Lesson learned. Anyway, I don’t have any plans per se, mostly vague ideas and possible purchases towards them. I need to finish the hat, finish the scarf and probably properly block the gloves. Other than that my crafting plan is to work on the current cross stitch and whatever piques my fancy during the year.

So what’s your crafting plan for 2020? (if you have one)

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