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12/8 Craft Post

I work a position where there should be three of us, we can run with two, and I was the only one at work all of last week with help on Monday. So I wasn’t really feeling up to the weekly craft post hence the late post.

Moving along...

Having learned a few lessons with the Gryffindor crest, I’m trying a few different things for the new cross stitch. I did a bit of zig zag stitching when I cut the fabric so there won’t be any nasty masking tape residue to deal with (and I still ended up zig zaging the edges anyway so why bother?) That’s about all that got done. I did kit the next project (which basically means getting together the threads and prepping them for use.) I print out the thread list cut it, glue and tape it to the index card, put them in sandwich bags, put holes in the bag, reinforce the holes and then run it through a ring so all the thread is in one place. So basically it’s an empty bit of Aida cloth. I’m going to try something different in that I have fishing line that I’ll be running through to mark the 10's.


The scarf continues. I have moved on to the 2nd skein of yarn. I may be able to pull off finishing the scarf with 5-6 skeins. Unfortunately, only 4 of them are the same dye lot. I’m going to put two newer ones in the middle with the old ones on the ends. I think I can disguise any obvious difference between the dye lots as a deliberate choice rather than poor planning on my part.

I still haven’t finished the buttons which frankly is an issue of mine. Finishing is the least amusing part of the craft and I tend to find reasons to procrastinate (said reasons being I started something else new.) I haven’t finished the crest either although I did buy a canvas which I want to mount it to. I’m going to do so in a way that I can remove it to wash it if it gets dirty.

So what’s on your craft table? Do you start projects then don’t do the last bit of finishing?

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