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Spike Lee Thinks Sex Strikes Can Reduce Sexual Assault On College Campuses

He had this to say during an interview with Stephen Colbert on his talk show:

“With what’s happening on college campuses, with the University of Missouri when the football players got together and said if the president doesn’t resign, we’re not going to play...I think that a sex strike could really work on college campuses, where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment and date rape. College campuses and universities, second semester I think it’ll happen.”


Rapists do not need permission from people to rape, so how are sex strikes going to solve the problem? If anything, it may increase the rate of sexual harassment and assault.

Btw, who here has seen the trailer for Spike Lee’s upcoming movie Chi-Raq? The trailer came out a while ago but I’ve avoided it because a bunch of people said it looked wack. I watched it just now ago...

What is happening to the quality of Spike Lee’s movies? I don’t have a problem with a black Lysistrata but this shit looks corny, and any movie about gangsters that includes Nick Cannon has zero credibility.

Do the right thing, Lee.

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