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Y’all really out here doing the absolute fucking most.

So I’m in the car going through the starbucks drive thru. I get my drink and my window is rolled down (I listen to my music super loud b/c I am black) and Amor Prohibido by Selena is ending and then Mia by Bad Bunny starts.

I’m pulling out of the drive through and this white man and white woman are walking by, and the man yells out to me from the side walk, “SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!”


...... So I turn down the music and I go, “Sir, I do speak English.”

Mind you, I am not on the phone. I am not talking to anyone I am listening to music.

And we just look at each other, for a moment, cause what? And then the white woman goes, THIS IS AMERICA!!!

And I was like, oh girl I don’t have time for this, rolled up my window and drove away, but mannnnnn. Whoo. Chile. Y’all. Come ON.

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