Hey all! Feel free to make The Salad Bowl another stop since Clashtalk is no more. TSB was created for people of color, by people of color, but we don’t mind if non-PoC participate and whatnot.

I don’t need to go into the rules as most of y’all already know. Just be cool, I’m a mod, the only active one although Granddad and TamTams pop in every once in a while. TSB and the community give me no issues so I don’t have to moderate very often.

If you’re a PoC and would like author privileges, hit me up. Other than that, lurkers and Clashtalkers, don’t be afraid to talk!


ETA: Bowlers, always feel free to email me if you have concerns or issues. I will step up on my moderating and make sure it’s more on a daily basis due to the influx of commenters.