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It’s still summer, we’re halfway into Virgo season, but I’m making soup anyway. YOLO.

What soup specifically? Well, if you know a few things about me, then it should be no surprise that I made Maryland crab soup. Like all good soups, this one is best made when you have a whole bunch of leftovers you want to throw in one pot. Let’s say you have a cookout, you have a bushel of crabs, but there are a good four dozen left that no one ate. What do you do? You spend the next day picking them for soup.

And so it begins...

And when the flies and gnats and their sharp shells tear you up, give the rest away.

No pain. No gain.

So now you successfully have maybe a pound and a half of crab meat after picking three dozen. Congrats! You did it! Let’s make soup. Maryland crab soup is a spicy tomato-based vegetable soup with crab. It’s pretty basic but some thinking could make it banging. For instance, a smart person would keep the claws to boil and make the broth base. I’m...not that person. But that’s a great idea and you should do that for sure.

Crabs were like, “lol bitch you thought.”

What do you need to make MD crab soup? A list!

  • At least one (1) pound of crab meat, but more is always better. Maryland blue crab is the best.
  • Like, three (3) chopped carrots?
  • A (1) chopped onion.
  • However much celery you feel like chopping. I did like three (3) ribs.
  • An amount of garlic you find acceptable.
  • Three (3) 14.5 ounce cans of tomatoes that look good to you. I did diced and stewed. There’s gonna be pictures don’t worry.
  • One (1) big ol’ box of beef/chicken/vegetable broth. Enough to get it broth-y. I used beef.
  • A mix of vegetables. I mean, it’s soup.
  • Bay leaf. It’s soup.
  • Old Bay. If I had to include a measurement, about 2 to 3 tablespoons. Honestly, I probably added way more than that and I didn’t even measure, but you do you. Keep adding until it tastes good.

It’s soup. Sweat out the mirepoix. Add the garlic. Season it with salt and pepper. Add the canned tomatoes. Then, add the frozen vegetables. Add the broth until it fills the pot. Stir that mess up. Then, I start adding the rest (green beans, diced potatoes, corn off the cob). With everything in the pot, season. Old Bay is essentially salt and pepper, so be mindful of that as you add more. Let that simmer until the potatoes and all the vegetables are cooked through. Let’s say 30 minutes to an hour. I had tennis to watch. Add the crab to finish, and you have soup!


Maryland crab soup is typically eaten with crackers, because it’s soup (saltines or oyster crackers will do). It should be spicy enough to make your nose run a bit, which is a different metric for everyone. It’s my favorite soup? I have fond memories of going to this corner store just to get their MD crab soup, either after school or as a treat for whenever. Be mindful of the shells from the crab. They are the inevitable result of handpicking.

Soup in a bowl with oyster crackers. My masterpiece.

It’s just the best.

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