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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

Yes, that is billion with a ‘b.’ Here is the story. I had originally wanted to write a big piece on it but that terrible New Zealand white terrorist attack took all my attention this weekend. I’m glad to see that New Zealand doesn’t fuck around with the lives and safety of their citizens and took zero time to implement preventative measures.

Other students are also suing. Personally, I think the bare minimum should be double the refund on those expensive-ass college admission fees for students who were rejected (and possibly some new legislation on said fees. Y’all know that is also set up to keep lower-income students out.) It cost $90 fucking dollars to apply to Stanford. USC is $85. USD is $45 (or $80 for the school of business.)

I know a lot of the schools are looking into whether students should keep their degrees in their parents were named. I think it’s terrible for the students who did the actually work (in college) and had no idea but at the same time, they wouldn’t have made it into these schools on their own merits. It’s like the people who faked degrees to get a great job but throw themselves into their work thinking that this will absolve them if and when they get caught. They still lied and their initial hire was still based off of fraud.

However, I will be blindsided-shocked if they decide to take away degrees. I can see a mess of infighting and lawsuits stating that while they were bribing officials, so were the parents who “donated” money to the school so their kids could get in. And I am here for it.



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