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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

7/19 Craft Post

It’s another Sunday and another craft post. This time it’s actually on Sunday!

No finishes just more work on the one cross stitch. I wonder about people I see on YouTube who have like a million projects going at the same time. I don’t know how they do it. I’m not monogamous to a single project per se but I don’t think I can have like 30 cross stitch projects all in process.


I took a day off this week so I got some extra stitching done but I spent more time in front of my computer working on a spreadsheet. My current budget spreadsheet requires too many pages and since I don’t print it out anyway I figured why not set up up the 3 pay periods on one worksheet rather than separating them which just creates more pages. It’s a little too colorful to be professional I suppose but then I’m the only one using it so that’s okay. Technically, it’s not really crafting but I had to put some effort into creating the spreadsheet and working out the formulas so that I didn’t get a bunch of error messages and zeros when there’s no data inserted. So it certainly required some brain work if not hand work. Besides, those formulas are a work of art! I was going to wait until January to start using it but I think I’ll use it in August if I get the annual page finished in time.

On a different note, it rained on the day I took some of the flower pictures and you can see the rain drops on the petals which I think is pretty cool. I’m going to use them for the dividers in my budget binder when I get around to making them.

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