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A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
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A People's Future of the United States

This is the book I’ll be reading for my grad school group’s September discussion. It has several authors, one of whom is Victor LaValle, and in the intro, he writes how this collection was inspired from Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. In Zinn’s book, America’s history is told through the eyes of the marginalized and oppressed;the same thing is done in A People’s Future but (obviously), it’s looking at what could happen.

The book mentions the 2016 election and my graduate group is all speculative writers led by a speculative fiction heavy weight professor so I’d gander a guess that the stories are heavily dystopian. I just got done with the intro and am already pulled in.


This book was also suggested because it’s not a traditional novel in that it’s a main theme connected with interlinking stories. A few of us in my grad group expressed concern over how hard it is to write a fucking novel and was there another way to do it?? Like, writing a bunch of short stories that are connected because we’re so much better with short stores?? Our mentor said “hell yes, here’s a few books” and this was what we choose.

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