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We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made you all.


If the video isn’t playing for you go here and turn ya speakers up! Because you really need to hear this incredible instrument that sister Calestra Day has been blessed with.

Callie is truly a testimony to why we affirm #BlackGirlMagic. By day she is your average middle aged, Candy Carson-looking Black woman working behind the pharmacy counter at the Walmart in Lexington, Kentucky. Probably thousands of people pass her by everyday and don’t guess she’s anything special. Or worse, view her as less than women who fit the youthful, Eurocentric ideal that mainstream America prizes. But you listen and tell me she is not touched by the divine! As so many, nay all of us, are.

Apparently she is also just a joy to everyone she encounters and in her spare time is getting a doctorate in vocal performance at the University of Kentucky. There will never be enough Black History Months to remember the millions of every day heroes in the Black community that have gone overlooked, but hopefully one day America will open its eyes and recognize our greatness in real time.


In the meantime, Callie Day has a GoFundMe page to raise money to put out a CD. Give her some of your Beyonce money. Or help this go viral on social media so that hopefully her talents can be recognized and rewarded as they should be.

Happy Friday!

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