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Auntie Liz, is done with a lot y’all for real. Like she cannot stand y’alls foolishness.

Our society and our economy demand so much of women — but they place a particular burden on Black, Latina, Native American, Asian, and other women of color. More than 70% of Black mothers and more than 40% of Latina mothers are their families’ sole breadwinners — compared to less than a quarter of white mothers. Black women participate in the labor force at higher rates than white women, and Latinas’ share of the labor force has nearly doubled over the past 20 years. And at the same time, Black and Brown women have more caregiving responsibilities, with Black and Latinx caregivers spending 50%

Translation: I know y’all ain’t bout to talk crazy to me about how your republican/libertarian husband is one of the good ones. Then gripe about some other bullshit while your Haitian/Jamaican/Dominican nanny is sitting at your house taking of them kids you refuse to discipline. You on some deep bullshit karen.  


While millions of families count on Latinas and Black women to deliver financially, they face a steeper climb to provide that financial security. In 2017, Black women were paid 61 cents for every dollar white men made. Native women made 58 cents to a white man’s dollar — and Latinas earned just 53 cents to a white man’s dollar*. And it’s getting worse: the gap in weekly earnings between white and Black women is higher today than it was forty years ago.

Translation: Don’t ever come to me with that crunchy ass 75 number ever again. We all know you get that 80 to 85 cent shit.

Once in the workplace, Black and Brown women are disproportionately mistreated. In a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of Black and Latina women reported experiencing racial discrimination at work.


Translation: Y’all racist.

The experiences of women of color are not one-dimensional: sexual orientation, gender identity, and ability all shape how a person’s work is valued in the workplace.



That’s why I have a new plan: a set of executive actions I will take on day one of the Warren Administration to boost wages for women of color and open up new pathways to the leadership positions they deserve.


Translation: I DGAF if you mad linda, stay mad ho.

It’s time to build an America that recognizes the role that women of color play in their families and in the economy, that fairly values their work, and that delivers equal opportunity for everyone.


Translation: give your money to black women. 

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