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Bachelorette Bye Week Post

No new episode this week, so some questions to tide us over until Monday:

1. Would you ever be on a Bachelor Nation show, either as a contestant or the chooser? Why or why not?

2. Do you think this season will have a lasting impact on the diversity of the show leads?


3. I like to read Previously TV forums, and I’m currently chewing on this comment about the racial breakdown of the Bachelors (both that Rachel appears more interested in the White guys and that Eric’s the only Black guy left). In particular,

I think the real problem was that most of the Black bachelors could’ve gotten and dated a Rachel type without going on to the bachelorette. I’ve been thinking seriously about this and to be honest, I believe that if Rachel was a tall slim biracial type, video vixen type with light eyes, the black guys with all the degrees and the accomplishments would’ve been beating down the doors of the bachelorette and try and win her. Sad but I think it’s true. Please don’t hate me.

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