So, I’m chillin at Starbucks.

The Starbucks I’m at is in a predominantly black neighborhood. I’m getting some quick much needed admin work in and following up with some networking contacts.

To the left of me, is two dues in a SERIOUS chess game. Directly in front of me, are a bunch of men in a SUPER SERIOUS game of dominoes. To my direct left is a boy with a FULL chicken plate and rice, currently drippin barbecue sauce on his shit. To my direct right are some Africans workin on their scammin. And to my far right are a group of black women hotly debating their latest read.

All this to say, even in this trash lit, reclaimed wood, generic ass place We still bleed so much fucking CULTURE!!!

If some of these pasty ass, hatin ass mayosapiens don’t sit the fuck down and appreciate some shit, then bruh.