I know I’ve posted this to Groupthink, but please me mindful of this subject matter. I did it mostly to engage with black and WOC GTers thanks.

I said this! I said this! I said these girls are not trying to look black, they are trying to look MIXED. BIRACIAL. AMBIGUOUS. OTHER.

They are not trying to look like kelly rowland, they are not trying to look like Normani Kordei, Ashley Blaine Featherson, Karidja Toure, Kiki Layne, Jodie Turner Smith, Xosha Roquemore, Abra, Amara La Negra under no circumstance are they trying to look like ANY of these girls.

They’re trying to look like Kehlani, Jorja Smith, Ella Mai, Cardi B, Beyonce post nose job, Kali Uches, Zendaya, Amandla. That is who they want to look like.


THERE IS A STEEP STARK DIFFERENCE. The biggest clue being, that even if you haven’t googled these girls, and you don’t know the difference visually. I bet you have an idea or a working knowledge of the second group and the first is completely foreign to you save one or two names.

And before even all the blackfishing stuff I said this. Latinos are coming here and they are bringing that color caste system with them. White people will do what they have always done, and they will make the proper adjustments to ensure their power (Irish, Italians, Polish, etc). And it will be unprecedented in that light skin black people and biracial (blk/wht) people will step right into that upper echelon, with no issue due to phenotype. Proximity to whiteness is a thing. On a scale if 1 is blickity black blackness and 10 is Dick Cheney. Light skin and mixed people have always sat a 5, 4.5 depending. They’re about to slide straight to a 7. 7.5 depending. And it’s tripping people up because it’s coming at lightning speed. And we have not even really developed the spine to address it.  


WRT the video I don’t really think she gives full weight to how much of a force destiny’s child and brandy were, and by another standard Mariah Carey. I think Brandy’s decline was so sharp so people forget, but she had absolutely crossed over, due to whitney houston’s influence. And Destiny’s Child, well yeah.

Also she claims the positivity via her bringing Victoria Monet, who is biracial by the way, further supporting my mixed and other only argument, and I’m throwing a flag on that play. It’s Ariana taking a page out of the Kardashian playbook of surrounding yourself with actual WOC to bring you clout and cred, but mark it just like the kardashians those WOC will only be as successful as Ariana and the Kardashians allow. Just like Jordyn and Malika were always second fiddle.


All this to say it’s time to let go of this “ we all black” cause in this Trump ass 2019 ass world we really ain’t. and if we don’t develop hard and fast language to advocate for dark brown dark skin unambiguous black girls we will watch ourselves be completely erased. All the while continuing to wipe the tears of biracial and ambiguous.