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Call for New Authors

Hey Everyone,

So we have had the Salad Bowl running for about 1 month now, so far I think things are going pretty well. We have some great contributors on board already,but would like to expand our reach, so we are making a call for new authors.

I am the owner of the Bowl officially, but Nappyheadflo and AfrowithaChanceofMeatballs are co-creators and moderators. We came about this idea last month after a series of conversations about what it meant to be a person of color in online communities.


While we are not "segregationists" as has been claimed by some, we do value a space that is for People of Color and BY People of Color. A tradition that hails back to the Black power movement during the civil rights era. the idea is that we can create a community that is safe for all to use our voice and discuss things of interest to the community. This is by no means a space where we are exclusively asking for content that is race based- however if that is how you wish to use it, that is fine with us.

We want to encourage writers to write freely, so long as they follow the guidelines.

I have heard some concerns from some of our currently approved author's around posting things that might get "touchy" or that might invite trolls into our space. The Mods have little to no issue banning commenters from the outside, who do not adhere to the guidelines. this is a space for you to write and express your thoughts, and more than anything feel confident that the moderators have your back. However we do understand that fear, it comes with being a member of an online community, that you will be piled-on and maybe trolled, we will do our best to be on point for you. If you have concerns please contact us and give us a heads up so we are aware to keep an eye on the activity on the board. As with all online communities, this is not a safe space, however we will do our best to make sure you are not being harassed, trolled by bigots and racists.


A few things, when asking for privileges, please know that we will need to be able to read through your comment history, this is a crucial element of the approval process. We will also hope that you are an active member already, or will become one, once you have received privileges. We do ask that you be a Person of Color, though if you are not, we are happy to read your comments on the posts. It is also required that you read the guidelines. So similar to GT's privileges request, we ask that you 1. link us to your kinja blog 2. recommend this post so that we know who is officially requesting access to authorship.

Once you receive privileges it is totally acceptable to write an introduction post, we don't all know each other, so getting to know each one of you would be nice :D **this is a personal preference and not required.

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