A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.
A Space for People of Color, By People of Color. Be Cool.

Meet Sacha like every red blooded American teenager before her, she’s just trying to lose her virginity, kick it with her bestie, and graduate high school alive. I feel you bitch, that’s real shit.

Sacha and TJ go his job after hours, a matress store, #goodideas to do it. And just as it’s about to go down, Sacha has a heart attack and goes into cardiac arrest. Which OMG!!!! That sucks so hard. TJ calls 911 and S get’s a heart transplant.

Three months later Sacha is minding her own business, finally losing her v card getting back to life. She rolls up to her Uncle? Dad? His name is Frank, she rolls up to his aquarium business and guess who it is!?!? ITS PRESIDENT FITZ YALL!!! Looking like a sexy vegan cult leader. Like the crazy in his eyes is on 20, so I’m worried about Sacha. Fitz, i mean Ben is all becky was my daughter. And becky’s heart is your heart. Sacha is like....thanks? Then he’s please come over for dinner and let’s make this more awkward.


Frank and Sacha go. Awkward dinner is awkward. Also Uma Thurman is becky’s mom. After dinner fitzben is like hey, your native and poor we’re rich and white go to becky’s amazing well resourced private school, on us. Sacha is like nah, i’m good. Frank pulls her aside and is like, we gon take these white people’s money. Which the instinct is understandable but that plan never goes right. Ever.

She goes to the school and as predicted the school is the shit. Laptop? Free bitch. Meal card? Unlimited ho. And because Sacha is a real one she immediately takes their entire supply of hot cheetos and then splits it with her A1 Yvonne.

Then as she’s getting ready for bed, getting that skincare routine poppin. And for a brief second SHE BECOMES BECKY IN THE MIRROR1!!!11!1 Damn. Here we go.  

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