Finally calm enough to write this post. My husband had a white male coworker over after his shift this morning to vape (they work the pre-open stocking shift at Costco). We innocently conversed in the neighborhood of politics when he mentions he doesn’t vote, which quickly escalates to him getting into it with me that it’s “hard” being white in California, lamenting that californians are assholes unlike people from the midwest, and that he doesn’t believe white privilege exists. My husband, knowing full well I am doing my best not to lose my shit at this ignorant ass, cuts in when he can and calls him out, but he ends up just telling us to drop the conversation entirely. After about 15 minutes, I decide to leave the room cause I’m about to say do something stupid if I stay.

Literally everything this dude said hit the white privilege denier bingo card: he claims black people are the worst then follows up with he’s not racist cause he has black friends (I straight up laughed in his face and told him that’s what every racist says), he claims he can’t be racist against latinx people cause his wife is Salvadoran, he relies on the “my life in rural Kentucky was hard” argument, he falsely claims people like me are advocating for 100% open borders, he states people who aren’t citizens should learn English or leave and don’t have a right to a free education, he keeps repeating that his Irish ancestors and others “were slaves too”. AND he straight up refused to read anything I offered to educate him because “nothing [I] could show him would change his belief that white privilege doesn’t exist” when a hit back with comments about his beliefs not trumping fact.

This bullshit on top of hearing the audio of children held in detention crying and begging for their families was too much. If my husband tries to bring this fool to my house again, I’m showing him the door until he decides to get his racist head out of his ignorant ass.

On a slightly better note, I’m seriously considering taking all July to volunteer at the ACLU before the next school year gets into full swing. I signed up on their site, so we’ll see when/if they’ll call me.