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This has been a tough time for me and my bear has been at my side. But he’s been sluggish and not himself. I freaked out when he lied down when I was giving him a bath. He hates baths and fights me at every turn. But he just layed there. Me and mamita Flamingo took him to the vet. And I got the bad news. He has heart worms. His organs are still good and she believes he’s a good candidate for treatment but it’s a tough road ahead. His mellow temper is on his side since I have to keep him as calm and relaxed as possible while the medicine works. Honestly it’s all a blur and I’m trying not to bawl my eyes out. I didn’t know they could still get heart worms while taking the chews to prevent it. So I need prayers, positive thoughts vibes whatever you can muster. I’m just a girl who wants her bear healthy again.


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