I liked Glitter. I liked the music. The ridiculous outfits. I just liked it. I’m still not sure why baby wipes shot that dude in the end, but I rewatched it recently and I’m still a fan. As for television shows, well there are so many. But my favorites are the following:

Lincoln Heights! Terrible acting and a weak script in parts, but interesting premise. Eddie Sutton, police officer, moves back to the neighborhood of his youth to give back to the people who live in that community. I actually plan to do a longer write up of this show because I think it captured the whole picture of high crime, low income hood’s and the people who live there.

Twisted! If they could have just killed that white girl this show could have been everything.


Ok so this is another movie but it gave us this truly important and wonderfully comic scene.

And the rest of the movie is just as ridiculous.

So what about you guys? What bad film/tv do you like to revisit? Becasue you kinda like it