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Dear White People: An Addendum

So. Some of y’all got in your feelings. Deep, deep in your feelings. So deep, that you logged off of your regular GT account and made a burner to talk trash at me. For those people, I hope you got what you were looking for.

Listen, I am not your enemy.

Black women are not your enemy we are your salvation, whether you believe it or not. Black women can offer you your freedom if you’re brave enough to take it. But freedom ain’t free and it sure isn’t easy.


You know why we go so hard, why I go so hard? Is because in the deepest part of me, under the snark and the cynicism, I believe in you. I believe that you are better than this shit. I believe in your capacity to unlearn white supremacy and aid in it’s dismantling, so for the very first time you can know the true test of yourself. So that you can know once and for all, can you really run the fastest, jump the highest, walk the longest.

Show me someone else who doesn’t infantilize you. Speaking to you in hushed, dulcet tones, bending their lives, heritage, histories, manners, thoughts, word, and action so as not to offend. So that you can be secure in all things. The hero, the madonna in all things, even in violence.

I was thinking about Sarah Huckabee, and how crazy it is that she would rather be disrespected, sheltered and protected under the white supremacy that to know who she is and what’s she’s made of.

I don’t take back what I said earlier.

Some people are going to like you. Some people are not and they are not obligated to. That’s life.


This work. Anti racism work. LGBTQ Advocacy. Workers rights. Advocacy for the poor. This is about you, working to create a world where you can truly be free. Where you can truly know yourself. Know what you’re made of.


And now Can I finally get back to talking about shit I actually really care about, which is television shows, filmmaking, writing (fiction) , and music

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