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Yay! FInally a woman doctor! Cue celebratory tweets.



Yay right? Except for all the woman empowerment roles that have been thrown at us this past year or so have all featured white women in the lead. At this point, 2017 can be known as the year white feminism patted itself on the back. The Women March was phenomenal but I do not see those same women marching for Black Lives Matter or any other number of POC centric organizations especially those geared for Women of Color and the LGBTQIA+ community. If you even

The Handmaid’s Tale was released and spurred so much discussion on reproductive justice but no mention of how modern obstetrics and gynecology was founded on the torture and mutilation of Black women. Matter of Fact you would hard press to find any major organization actually highlighting the fact there is a huge disparity in the health of Cis Black and Brown women bodies compared to their white counterparts (There is absolutely 0 mention on Trans* bodies anywhere)

But as you shout, “This is great! Maybe next time WOC can maybe get the role next.” The very fact that you are celebrating then maybe throwing a bone or crumbs toward a WOC getting any sort of lead means you are not truly for advancing the feminist ideals unless cis able-bodied white women get it first.

Don’t get it twisted. I am not angry Jodie was cast in the role. She is a great actor. I’m just tired of the fact mainstream feminism seems to think that progress means that the order of change is: first CIS hetero white women, then WOC (but not those angry ones because the tone they choose to speak truth harms white women’s ability to be comfortable), then someone who identifies as LGB, then maybe someone who is Trans* but only one that can pass, then maybe everyone else.


In other words, if you think casting a cis white able-bodied Doctor Who is revolutionary then be careful as your white feminism is showing.

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