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Now, I appreciate tennis so much because it’s international – it helps us get out of our bubble and see what we have in common with the rest of the world as well as how we’re different. It’s usually funny – and endearing – to me to see how all the men in the ATP started wearing a tieless button down with their sport jackets after Roger started to do it when he was #1, or when they all started toweling off after every point the way Rafa did when he inherited the #1 ranking.


But I would say that this aping of the much-too-macho posturing, swaggering, and bullying of the currently Most Internationally Visible Male Headline Grabber is taking things just a tad too far.

*looks pointedly over tops of glasses at the multiple Grand Slam champion, “elder of the sport”-statused, white(ish) dude behaving nonetheless as though he’s lost at least part of his mind*


Let’s hope the public behavior of all these people receives the termination(s) it deserves (and stops interfering with our clay and grass and S/F HC seasons!).

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Barcelona Banc Sabadell Trofeo Conde de Godó – The Draw


So. Let’s look.

Top Left

Sir Andy Murray is currently ranked ATP World #1 and is also the #1 seed. He picked up a Wild Card entry to the tournament here after being wiped out in Monte Carlo by the man who eventually ended up facing Rafa in the final, Albert Ramos-Viñolas (who’s also instantly elevated his own ranking by so doing). As fate has it, the two of them are also on collision course to meet in this tournament in the same section of the draw, which is also packed with a veritable plethora of other Spaniards anxious to do well in a tournament in their home country (including Roberto Bautista-Agut whose ranking ascent is at stake and Albert Montañes, playing Barca as his farewell tournament prior to tour retirement).


Lower Left

I’m already in a bad mood over this quarter, because Tommy Robredo is a former champion of this tournament and he’s already been knocked out 4-3 by a gentleman I’ve never heard of named Sughita. Why he couldn’t be over on the other side of the draw taking Nishikori’s place since he was already out because he was injured, I don’t know. Perhaps someone better versed in Draw Science can explain it for us.


Top Right

This gets a little interesting.

This guy


did this

in his match with Rafa during Rafa’s dusting of the clay with him 1-1 in Monte Carlo.


However, as you saw above, the ATP continues to emphatically insist that Zverev the Younger (his elder bro is in the tourney also in that bottom left quarter) will have his revenge match here.


Thing is, he has to get through at least this guy


who was also a finalist against Rafa at this tournament in 2015,and who has a neat 1HBH that can slice right past you across the court (you saw that, right?) and who is also a countryman here (and we’ve already spoken about how that can add an extra edge of motivation to anyone who knows his time is measured and who wants to do well here).


And if Sasha (YZ) beats him, he will also have to get past David Ferrer, who has been such a good returner for his over a decade on the tour that he is fondly known as “The Wall” or”Ferru” (“iron”) among his compatriots on the tour.

So … vamos a ver.

Lower Right

There is another David in the draw whom the ATP is also somehow subtly insinuating is “owed” a grudge match, as he was Rafa’s opponent in the Monte Carlo semi.


Thing is – it was the umpire’s job to call the ball and as a result, the umpire’s fault that the ball was incorrectly called.

Fight me.

He too will also have at least one Spaniard to get by (Marcel Granollers) as well as Pablo Cuevas, who was defeated by the man whom Rafa’s opponent (Ramos-Viñolas) in the final beat to get there, so he may well want his own “grudge match” of sorts, even though Ramos-Viñolas is nowhere near him in the draw.


So I am skeptical.


Sulking through Doubles

Juan Carlos Ferrero (former Roland Garros champion and ATP World #1, 2x Copa Davis teammate of Rafa and Spain won the championship both times, owner of two tennis camps on two different continents and currently on the Champions’ Tour, and of whom I have pictures) came out of retirement like he’s Captain Freedom or something and demanded - and got, of course, because RFET - a Wild Card to play in the doubles with Pablo Carreña Busta.


And we were not there.

And then after all that they were knocked out 6-2 7-5 10-7 (!!!) by Daniel Nestor from Canada and some guy from Poland who is not Jerzy Jankovic, whom we at least know by sight, name, and remix. Ridiculous.


Here is the rest of the doubles draw – though at this point I don’t even want to look at it unless Lopez/Lopez wins the whole thing.


Doubles Draw




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In pretty much the only WTA news that matters today,

Serena Claps Back at Ilie Nastase, Doesn’t Know Him


James Blake (former ATP World #4 and currently on the Champions Tour) is commentating for the Tennis Channel.

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