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Sis, what are you doing? Right now she’s on Twitter having a conversation with folks about men’s attraction to young girls. This conversation started when she brought up a news story (she didn’t link to the article) about a high school ruling that young girls need to wear longer skirts so they don’t distract men.

I don’t want to post all the tweets but she’s basically saying that it’s society’s job to protect young girls from men who are attracted to them. To give her credit, she does say that she disapproves of men preying on young girls, but she says it’s natural for men to be attracted to girls of “child bearing age”. Yes, she said child bearing age like some troll on Reddit. I know some women, including myself, who started menstruating very young (11). You mean to tell me that it’s okay for a grown ass man to lust after an 11 year old?

I just don’t think men being attracted to teenage girls should be normalized. It should be stigmatized more and the burden should be taken off of girls to limit their fashion so they can avoid being preyed upon. But here’s the thing about the concept of men praying on girls: they do it whether the girls are dressed modestly or not. It is never girls fault that a man can’t control themselves around them, and society needs to do a better job at holding men accountable.


It’s interesting because before reading all this bullshit, I was reading about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new gf who’s a 19 year old Victoria’s Secret model. It seems that the older he gets, the younger his girlfriends get. I understand that 19 is considered an adult age but 19 year olds are not adults in my eyes. They’re still teens. There’s not much of a difference between a 19 year old and a 16 year old. It disturbs me that men have no problem pursuing girls this young. I’ve always held the theory that if the age of consent were lower in the US, you’d see a lot more couples involving a man and a girl who’s in the 9th grade.

I’m glad I never put Erykah on a pedestal. People think she’s wise and enlightened but they’re blinded by her hippie vegan (vegetarian?) vibe. She ain’t that deep. She never was.

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