I’m watching a season Four Weddings aka One of the Greatest Reality Shows of Our Time, on Hulu.

And OMG Y’all, in this episode this white woman! I can’t. On God, this is what happens. She’s from Arkansas BTW. They’re all American.

Bride: So I’m getting married at this old plantation. The plantation home isn’t there anymore, but it’s this beautiful location. And the theme of the wedding is cotton! I’m going to have cotton brought in from my grandparents cotton farm that they own in Arkansas, that’s been in our family for years. It’s going to be lots of cotton, lots of burlap.

Me: .........?????????

And then that shit was ugly y’all. But it was cotton everywhere. And there was this huge cross constructed of cotton and she had cotton hanging from the moss trees. Whoo.


Shout out to the black bride who did not immediately turn around and leave, and generally kept it together. With nothing but white people surrounding her. That would not have been me.